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Why Your Business Is Like the Anatomy of an Elephant


Part 3…What can we learn from elephants?


Are You All Ears?

Elephants use their ears to funnel in sound waves from the environment which contributes to their keen sense of hearing.

How well do you listen to your customers?

Are you listening closely to their problems and concerns? This is the main way for you to gain a loyal customer base is to listen to their needs and find ways to solve their problems through your business services and products.

Elephants ears are approximately one-sixth the size of its entire body! Imagine if we had ears that large and could listen to our customers needs’ effectively with a resource that size.


The Heart of An Elephant

The average weight of an elephant’s heart is anywhere from 26.5 to 46.3 pounds!

How big is your heart? Figuratively speaking….

We need to have big hearts and genuine concern for our customers and clients. Are you in tune with how their business is operating? Or do you know what they might be going through on a personal level?

We deal daily with all kinds of different moods and personalities in our businesses. We need to develop a heart of compassion towards the needs of others so that we can effectively and authentically help meet the needs of those we come in contact with.

This just makes good business sense and a loyal customer base will be created from this relationship.


“I meant what I said and said what I meant. An elephant’s faithful, one hundred percent.” Dr. Seuss


How Smart Are You?

Elephants have the largest brain of any land mammal. Not surprisingly, scientists believe that elephants are of very high intelligence.

We need to use our intelligence to run a successful business. We need to have concrete plans and goals for our businesses.

A business plan ensures that we have a measuring stick of where we plan to go and how far we have come.


The Elephant’s Trunk

The elephant’s trunk is used for grasping, breathing, feeding, dusting, smelling, drinking, lifting, sound production/communication, defense/protection, and sensing the environment around them.

The trunk contains an estimated 100,000 muscles and tendons giving it extreme flexibility and strength. The trunk can expand, contract, and move in a diverse array of directions.

We need to be flexible in our business dealings just like the elephant’s trunk!

We have plans in place that we are working towards, but sometimes market conditions, employees, and the competition takes a different turn.

Successful businesses have to be ready for these changes in the business climate and adapt quickly.


The anatomy of an elephant is a lot like running a business. Purpose to use your ears, heart, brain, and flexibility in your business!

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