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Stay in Control and Use These Water Saving Tips

Water utility rates are increasing in 2016!  NOW is the time to start implementing best practices in your home to reduce water usage in order to offset the rising costs!

In Corpus Christi, a bill recently passed that increases water rates next year an astounding 22% 

There is no doubt you will noticeably feel the effects of this increase and you are going to need to know ways you can keep your water bill under control. 

Implement some or ALL of these tips to reduce your monthly water usage:         


Ø Reduce showers from 10 minutes down to 5 minutes

Ø Turn off water while brushing teeth

Ø Plug sink instead of running water to rinse your razor while shaving

Ø Report leaking faucet immediately to maintenance supervisor

Ø Only use dishwasher when full of dishes

Ø Only wash laundry when full of clothes

Ø Check toilets for leaks and report immediately to management

Ø Use short wash cycles on dishwasher and clothes washer

Ø Use one drinking glass per person each day for less dishes to wash

Ø Wash fruits and vegetables in pan of water instead of running water

When running a bath, plug bathtub before turning on water. Adjust temperature as tub fills

Ø Turn off water while washing hair

Ø Turn water off while soaping hands

Ø Re-use towels to reduce laundry

Ø Cook food in as little water as possible


Teach your children these tips!!!

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